Aircon Chemical Wash

Chemical Wash

       Dismantling the aircon cover
       before aircon chemical wash                          Before Aircon Chemical Wash

Dismantling the aircon cover before aircon chemical wash         Before Aircon Chemical Wash

 Aircon Chemical Wash in Process                        After Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical Wash in Process         Clean and see results before and after

The advantages of using Aircon chemical cleaning are hard to ignore. From removing dust and debris from the air conditioner, to getting rid of mold and dirt from the vents, Aircon has a cleaning solution for any aicon.

Our HVAC systems do well to keep the air in our homes at a desirable temperature even when temperatures outside are soaring, but there are several factors that could hinder the performance of the system.

They encounter chemicals and dust which affects the airflow and allows for circulation of bad air. Air conditioners are also prone to mold build up. A single system has multiple pipes which increases the chances of mold growth.

The pipes and other components come in contact with water and liquids and remain damp for long periods which lead to the growth of mold. This can be dangerous to one’s health as it means your system will be circulating contaminated air.

When cleaning air conditioners, the professionals prefer to keep up with new and advancing cleansing chemicals. These newer cleaning agents help to get rid of mildew and other bacteria, as well as clear air vents, ducts and system passages, allowing for clean and freer airflow.

What’s more, regular cleaning with the right products can extend the aircon’s lifespan. A hired professional will also be able to find leaks and repair them before any serious damage is done. It’s best to leave it to the professionals when your aircon unit needs cleaning or servicing.

Apart from the regular servicing, they will also refill the Freon and refrigerant levels. After cleaning the unit, inside and out, it is reassembled and the thermostat is reset. Radiant barriers are also installed to reduce energy consumption. Each component of the unit is checked and necessary repairs are made. Components may include compressors, rotary parts, fan blowers and blades.

Chemical Overhaul

          Before Aircon Overhaul                                Aircon overhaul in process

Before Aircon Overhual         Aircon overhaul in process

If a unit has been left unused for too long, cleaning it will greatly improve its efficiency and make it safer to run. The cleaner a system is, the lesser it will cost to operate. A professional will clean or change the filters first when servicing a unit that has not been used recently. It is very important to keep the filters clean to avoid allergens building up while they are dirty.

If an air conditioner has not been used for over a year, the fan evaporator coil will also need to be cleaned. This will ensure that the heat transferred is clean and eliminate grime and dust building up. At this time, the refrigerant levels will also be topped up. The purpose of the refrigerant gas is to make sure the heat exchange in aircons and refrigerators is carried out properly.

The chemicals used in this process help keep the thermostat accurate and running well. The system has difficulty in keeping the temperature it has been set to, when the thermostat is off.

The right chemicals should be used to clean and flush the pipes, blower wheel, drain pan and fan blades.This will ensure that the system functions properly. The fan coil will be cleaned and re-installed by the professional who will set the pressure correctly to ensure better regulation and cooling.