Aircon Cleaning

Aicon cleaning step by step

               Aircon Cleaning Step 1                                      Aircon Cleaning Step 2

Aircon Cleaning Step 1             Aircon Cleaning Step 2

             Aircon Cleaning Step 3                                        Aircon Cleaning Step 4

Aircon Cleaning Step 3             Aircon Cleaning Step 4

Air conditioner systems provide us with a lot of services and hence there is need to keep them in good working condition. Regular maintenance of an air conditioner system ensures maximum cooling and a lengthened lifespan. Poor maintenance of aircon systems leads to excess consumption of energy which translates to high costs. Generally, proper aircon servicing leads to low energy costs and creates a cool environment.

As a company, we are armed with qualified, trained, skilled and experienced technicians with capacity to repair ductless models, portable air conditioning units and central cooling systems. We are aware that issues such as replacement and cleaning of air filters can be done by individuals with ease and do need the attention of a professional.When dirt clogs in the filters, it blocks free flow of air making them struggle and hence consume more energy. Dust too is very destructive when it sticks to the evaporator coil as it reduces the heat absorption power.

In case your system malfunctions such that the cooling ability is interfered, call us for a helping hand. Our experienced air conditioner system professionals will diagnose all the faulty parts and make all the necessary repairs. It’s good for home owners to conduct regular inspections to avoid permanent damage of the aircon system which might incur them high costs to replace them with new ones.

Also, our air conditioning professionals are equipped with top notch tools to inspect faulty areas in all electrical systems. We can diagnose and repair your motor in term of voltages or current to make sure that they perform maximally. We test all the electrical system controls to ascertain that they are operating normally. To ensure that the system does not suffer from friction when in operation, we apply lubricants to all the moving parts.

To ensure that your aircon system does not undergo wear and tear, it’s good to maintain the recommended level of the refrigerant. Thus always inspect the refrigerant levels regularly. If you observe that the level of the refrigerant has gone down, top it up for optimum performance of the system. Sometimes cooling systems tend to become noisy whenever in operation.

Not many home owners can establish why the system doe so but for your information, what brings about it is a faulty fan belt. Our professionals are skilled and able to replace the belt and inspect the bearings of the motor for lubrication in order to improve the aircon system’s effectiveness.

The condensation part of the aircon system rusts and gets clogged with condensate drains if it stays for a longer time without inspection. Remember that the condensate drains promote the growth of mold and might sometimes leak in the building.

Our technicians can rectify all these problems in a short time to restore the system back to its normal operation. Our aircon professionals are also well versed with aircons that use both programmable and manual thermostats. A cooling system may fail to function due to:

  •  Malfunctioning of the sensor
  •  Poor thermostat calibration
  •  Poor thermostat location

The above three scenarios interfere with aircon system normal performance but our experts can fix them in on time. It’s therefore good to have regular inspection of an air conditioning system to maximize the chances of proper performance and save energy costs. Moreover, the system’s lifespan is increased.