Price List

General Aircon Service

Total Number of Fancoils Servicing Price
1 Fan Coil $40 each
2-4 Fan Coils $25 each
5 Fan Coils and above $20 each
SG Aircon Engineering Pte Ltd also provide Yearly Servicing Contract for residential and commercial in Singapore.
Up to $200 savings with every Servicing Contract.
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Chemical Washing

Total Number of Fancoils for Chemical Wash Price
1-3 Fan Coils $80 – $150 each
Pricing is based on the BTU power of the Fancoil Units.
The chemical wash should be used for systems that have not been serviced for up to one year, and are beginning to lose their effectiveness.

Chemical Overhaul

Total Number of Fancoils for Chemical Overhaul Price
1 Fan Coil $150 – $280 each
Using a chemical solvent removes built-up dust and grease from the coil, giving more efficient heat transfer and cleaner air.This service is recommended for air conditioners that have been operated for several years without being maintained.This is the most thorough cleaning service for your aircon units.

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Price List of other services provided

Checking of Faulty Aircon system

  • Checking of any faulty aircon system, chargeable for transport and workmanship.
  • Checking fee will be refunded upon any cost of action to solve the problem.
  • $30 onwards

Aircon repair works

  • Repair of certain faulty part that causes aircon to malfunction/not cold

Installation of water tray for condenser unit

Installation works

  • Full / 2nd hand installation jobs
  • Call 86791982 for more information / quotation

Replacement works

  • Replacement of pipings or full aircon systems
  • Call 86791982 for more information / quotation

Relocation works

  • Relocation from room to room or from location to location
  • Call 86791982 for more information / quotation

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