Air Conditioner System

SG Aircon Engineering Pte Ltd is an industry leader when it comes to offering top notch services to all clients bringing an ideal atmosphere of celestial coolness as well as peace to your home. The company specializes in a wide variety of air conditioning services for both residential and commercial facilities. Some of the services offered include:

Aircon servicing– the company offers comprehensive air con servicing which includes chemical aircon servicing of fancoils that are used indoors and chemical aircon servicing of condensers that are used outdoors.

Aircon chemical cleaning– servicing and chemical cleaning of aircons include complete chemical wash of the air conditioning units which usually serves as an important requirement.

Aircon chemical overhaul– this is an all out chemical cleaning service that is done thoroughly for all parts of the aircon. This is normally required when the unit malfunctions.

Aircon installation– this is done in an expert manner to make sure it functions the way it is supposed to without any complications.

2nd hand aircon– the company also sells top notch 2nd hand air con systems at affordable rates. These are highly efficient systems that do not come with any noise or leaks allowing you to use them as if they were completely new. These also come with warranty that covers a total of 1 year and you will not have to pay anything for any faulty parts that need repair.

The company offers contracts and quotations for a number of clients such as HDBs, companies, Condominiums, landed properties, tenants and property agents. It has been in the industry for very many years thus have mastered the art of offering unmatched services. For the longest time, it has been working with commercial companies, residential properties and non–profitable organizations.

When it comes to its price list, the company offers highly competitive prices to make certain all clients get to enjoy a great deal at the end of the day. What you see is what you get thus you do not have to worry about any surprise costs that may crop up in the middle or the end of the project something that can end up frustrating you since you will not be ready for it.

Everyone who works for the company goes through serious vetting to make sure that clients only end up with the best. These are people who are not only highly trained but also have a passion for the job and are always ready and willing to offer you nothing but the very best.