Great work SG Aircon Engineering Pte Ltd.The company has very pleasant and skilled personnel. They offer great advice and provide comprehensive repairs and this has improved the performance of our air conditioners. The personnel travelled on their way to clients for aircon repairs that may be required.

Rajendran, Whole Seller

I enjoy the helpful and polite technicians that SG Aircon Engineering Pte Ltd provides whenever we request their repair services. We know that we contact them at any time and they will show up. Keep up the good job.

Tan Yuan Lian, Accountant, 28 years old

I had a problem with my System-4 Inverter Aircon and contacted the manufacturer to identify the issue. After inspecting the aircon, the technicians advised me to replace the compressor and circuit board. This was an expensive solution and I requested for repairs instead. But they do not offer repairs for circuit board. I carried out an online search and came across SG Aircon Engineering Pte Ltd, which repairs circuit board. I got in touch with the company and they repaired my circuit board. The company was able to solve the issue for about 1/3 of the cost the manufacturer was charging.

Vanness Goh

We are grateful to the company for the great service they have offered since we signed up with them. Their service quality has always been great. Excellent aircon services and great prices.

Noorasha, Pet Shop Owner

SG Aircon Engineering Pte Ltd has always been reliable whenever we need aircon services. We have been using their services for several years now and we are pleased with their consistency. We look forward to working with them for many more years.

Mohd Hussam J, Cheif Executive Officer, 40 years old